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How to edit/remove Get in touch form in slider.

"Get in touch" bar is added as a shortcode to Revolution slider in Static/Global Layers. 

You can customize the form in terra-atma/fw/shortcodes/shortcodes.php file, lines 4213-4220:

: '<div class="sc_contact_form_info">'
. '<div class="sc_contact_form_item sc_contact_form_field get_in_touch">' . esc_html__('Get in touch', 'terra-atma') . '</div>'
. '<div class="sc_contact_form_item sc_contact_form_field label_over contact_form_username"><input class="sc_contact_form_username" type="text" name="username" placeholder="' . esc_html__('Name', 'terra-atma') . '"></div>'
. '<div class="sc_contact_form_item sc_contact_form_field label_over contact_form_email"><input class="sc_contact_form_email" type="text" name="email" placeholder="' . esc_html__('E-mail', 'terra-atma') . '"></div>'
. '<div class="sc_contact_form_item sc_contact_form_field label_over contact_form_phone"><input class="sc_contact_form_phone" type="text" name="phone" placeholder="' . esc_html__('Phone', 'terra-atma') . '"></div>'
. '<div class="sc_contact_form_item sc_contact_form_field label_over contact_form_date"><input type="text" name="date" placeholder="' . esc_html__('Date', 'terra-atma') . '" class="sc_contact_form_date sc_contact_form_date js__datepicker"></div>'
. '<div class="sc_contact_form_item sc_contact_form_button"><button>'.esc_html__('SUBMIT', 'terra-atma').'</button></div>'
. '</div>'