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How to Add a New Font to the Fortunio Theme

Fortunio theme includes a collection of Google Fonts, which you can find in Appearance -> Fonts and colors -> Fonts. 


However the list of available fonts can be expanded by adding new ones.

Adding a New Google Font

- Open the core.lists.php file in the /fw/core/ directory, and find the get_list_fonts() function. You'll see an array of Google fonts.

- Duplicate one of the font entries and replace the name of the font with your own. The line would look like this: 

'Cabin Condensed' => array('family'=>'sans-serif'), 

In order to enter the correct values, go to Google Fonts, select the font you're going to use, and check its CSS rules:

-  Save the changes.

Now your new font is available in the font settings for all typography elements.


Adding a Custom Font

- In the css/font-face/ directory, create a new folder and give it a name of your font.

- The folder has to contain a @font-face kit, which would load your custom font on a webpage.

The easiest way to create it is by using a webfont kit generator, such as Font Squirrel Generator (visit our tutorial to see how to use it).

Extract the generated archive into /css/font-face/your-font-name.

Important! Make sure that the name of your folder corresponds with the font-family value in the stylesheet.css.  

- The only thing left now is to register your font name in functions.php.
Open up functions.php and find a line with 'required_custom_fonts'. Add the name of your font preceded by comma. 

Congratulations! Now if you go to the Appearance -> Fonts & Colors, you'll see your new typeface available among the other fonts.

Note: We recommend using child themes when making adjustments to the core theme files. If you decide to use a child theme, copy the edited files into the child theme folder, preserving the original folder structure.